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Banner QS30ARXQP Receiver

Banner QS30ARXQP Receiver


WORLD-BEAM QS30 series high-powered receiver, model QS30ARXQP. Banner eye (photoelectric sensor) for Water Wizard, eFusion and FusionX carwash for Coleman equipment.

SKU: BAN-E31014
Manufacturer Part Number: QS30ARXQP
Coleman Hanna Part Number: 06741
Manufacturer: Banner Engineering

Banner QS30 Series high-power opposed-mode sensors are extremely rugged, powerful, and leak-proof. They are designed to withstand the most demanding industrial applications, including high-pressure wash down areas. They are powerful enough to burn through heavy fog, dust, and most types of industrial and process contamination.

Banner QS30ARXQP Receiver Features

  • Range: 213 m; Input: 10-30 V dc
  • Output: LO (Light Operate) Bipolar: 1 NPN; 1 PNP
  • 150 mm (6 in) M12 Pigtail QD

Banner QS30ARXQP Receiver Specifications

Cable Length (m) 0.15
IP Rating IP67
Power DC
Sensing Beam Infrared LED
Sensing Mode (General) Opposed
Sensing Mode (Detailed) Receiver
Housing Style Rectangular w/M30 Mount
Primary Housing Material Thermoplastic
Input Output Discrete
Max Sensing Distance (mm) 213000
Outputs Bipolar (NPN & PNP)
Power Supply/Supply Voltage 10-30 V dc
Connection Pigtail QD
Quick Disconnect Type M12
Operation Light Operate
Min Op. Temp. (°C) -20
Max Op. Temp. (°C) 70
Output response time (ms) 5
Special Feature: Intrinsically Safe No
Special Feature: Remote Teach No
Special Feature: Water Detection No
Sensing Beam Wavelength 875
Delay at Power-up (ms) 100
Repeatability (µs) 5000
Number of Pins 5
Max Op. Relative Humidity [%] 95% @ 50°C
Lens Material Zeonex
Adjustments N/A
Barrel Diameter (mm) 30
Indicator Bargraph
Opposed Mode Emitter/Receiver Receiver
Feature: Washdown Rated Yes
Feature: Encapsulated Yes
Feature: Audible No
Feature: Quick Disconnect Yes

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