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Fuel Dispensers

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Decreased fueling time
Advanced technology that drives profit
Safety and security

When fuel management is critical to your productivity and profitability, choosing the right fuel dispenser is key. Choosing the most accurate, effective, and efficient fuel pump is important for ensuring an effective business management environment.

Domino Equipment Company helps keep your vehicles running at maximum uptime with the best return on investment. Choose from petroleum, diesel, DEF, or a combination of fuel/fluid types.

Retail Fuel Dispensers and Commercial Fuel Dispensers.

Dover Fueling Systems | Wayne Fueling Systems

Domino Equipment Company partnered with Dover Fueling Solutions / Wayne Fueling Systems for high-quality, efficient petroleum fuel dispensing systems. Wayne is leading the way with technological advances; from eco-fuel solutions and regulation-compliant pay-at-the-pump security to multimedia marketing and groundbreaking site control systems.

Wayne DFS Anthem UX

Wayne DFS Anthem UX

The boldest and most innovative fuel dispenser on the market.
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Wayne Ovation® Fuel Dispenser with the AX12™ Technology

Wayne Ovation® Fuel Dispenser with the AX12 Technology

Delivering a secure and entertaining fueling experience.
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Wayne Ovation® HS Fuel Dispenser

Wayne Ovation® HS Fuel Dispenser

Ultra-high fueling performance with consistent user experience between islands.
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