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Catlow CTM100 1” CAM TWIST Magnetic Breakaway

Catlow CTM100 1” CAM TWIST Magnetic Breakaway


1” CAM TWIST Magnetic Breakaway

The easiest breakaway with the option to easily disconnect, inspect & reconnect while installed.

Manufacturer Part Number: CTM100
Manufacturer: Catlow

Easiest to Use & Longest Life
No other breakaway allows preventative maintenance inspection while installed, which means the Remove-By-Date is a thing of the past. Made with permanent magnets, the Catlow® CAM TWIST is designed for easy inspection and consistent break force time after time.

Easily Inspected Without Removing it from Service.
CAM TWIST can be taken apart with the twist of two wrenches, then easily inspected for corrosion and wear without removing from service. To reconnect, simply align the two halves and let the magnets do the work while pushing the unit back together.

Catlow CTM100 1” CAM TWIST Magnetic Breakaway Features:

  • UL/ULC listed
  • Meets NFPA 30A codes
  • CTMCA model is CARB Certified
  • Patented magnetic snap-back technology
  • Resists 'hydraulic hammer' problems
  • Regular maintenance is not required
  • Max separation force designed at 350 lbs.
  • Industry-leading consistent separation force after multiple reconnections
  • Reduced environmental impact from leaking due to the double O-ring seal
  • Minimal tools required for reattachment
  • Replacement lower half available if lost in a drive off incident


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