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Dema 454P.3 Solenoid Valve - 1/2", Brass

Dema 454P.3 Solenoid Valve - 1/2", Brass


Dema brass solenoid valve for Water Wizard, eFusion FusionX, Super Saver and Power Pack in bay automatic carwash from Jim Coleman Company. Coleman Hanna Part.

SKU: DEM-V35034
Manufacturer Part Number: 454P.3
Coleman Hanna Part Number: 31030
Manufacturer: Dema

Dema 1/2" Solenoid Valve Specifications

DEMA’s high pressure valves are designed for pressures from 10 psi up to 1200 psi and are intended for use with water only. They operate like a pilot operated valve except the pilot port is in a separate chamber from the piston. This allows the plunger to operate closer to the top plug with more force and consequently higher opening pressure.

Dema 454P Solenoid Valve Specifications

Piston Material Brass
Pressure (PSI) Min 10
Pressure (PSI) Max 1200
Pipe Size (NPT) 1/2”
Orfice 1/2”
Sensing Mode (General) Opposed
CV 3.7
Flow GPM @ 60 PSI 28.66

Dema 454P Solenoid Valve Downloads

Dema 454P Solenoid Valve Brochure

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