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Kansas Fuel Dispensers

Fuel Dispenser Repair and Replacement throughout Kansas

Domino Equipment Company is your one call to make for all your Kansas fuel dispenser needs. Choose from petroleum, diesel, DEF, or a combination of fuel/fluid types. For nearly 30 years, our experienced technicians have installed and repaired retail fuel dispensers and commercial fuel pumps for customers throughout OK.

Decreased fueling time
Advanced technology that drives profit
Safety and security

We help keep vehicles running at maximum uptime with the best return on investment.

Contact Domino Equipment today for all your Kansas Fuel Dispenser needs.

Kansas Fuel Dispenser Replacement

Kansas Fuel Dispenser Replacement
Domino Equipment Company offers fuel dispenser replacement services throughout OK, including:

  • Retail Fuel Dispensers
  • Commercial Fuel Dispensers
  • Gas Station Construction Services 
Kansas Fuel Pump Repair

Kansas Fuel Pump Repair
We offer fuel pump repair services throughout Kansas. Our dedicated service team will:

  • Decreased your production downtime
  • Increase quality and output 
  • Provide a safe and efficient operation for customers and employees 


Kansas Petroleum Fuel Dispenser

Kansas Petroleum Fuel Dispenser
We partnered with Wayne Fueling Systems for high-quality, efficient petroleum fuel dispensers throughout OK.

  • Standard Fuels
  • Fleet Fuels
  • Clean Fuels

Fuel Dispenser Repair and Fuel Dispenser Replacement Services Available throughout Kansas  

Wichita, Kansas Fuel Dispensers
Hutchinson, Kansas Fuel Dispenser
Newton, Kansas Fuel Dispensers
Winfield, Kansas Fuel Dispensers
El Dorado, Kansas Fuel Dispensers
Derby, Kansas Fuel Dispensers
Arkansas City, Kansas Fuel Dispensers