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Wayne DFS Anthem UX

The Future of Fuel Dispensing

As a Wayne Fueling Systems partner, Domino Equipment Company is proud to offer the Wayne DFS Anthem UX™ user experience platform to customers—the fuel dispenser that is destined to revolutionize every aspect of the customer experience. From touchscreen, wireless, recognition, media, security, contactless payment options and more—to making the fueling experience fast, easy, relevant, and even fun.

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The Customer Experience
Integrated and Inviting

The Anthem UX™ platform is the first to give customers the ability to fine-tune their experience. This builds loyalty, increases sales, and adds immense value to both consumer and retailer.

The Anthem UX™ remembers each customer, greets them and offers services based on their secure, personal profile.

The 27” high-resolution touchscreen gives customers their choice of media –traffic & weather alerts, sports, promotions, and more.

Flexible Payments
The Anthem UX™ supports multiple payment options including contactless cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

The Retailer Experience
Connect Like Never Before

This powerful platform allows retailers to connect customers through engaging, targeted advertising and media and generating intense loyalty. It offers customers unsurpassed functionality and retailers unlimited opportunities.

The Anthem UX™ has a beautiful display designed to perform in harsh environments. It features chemically strengthened glass and easy to clean flat display surfaces.

The platform’s integrated cameras detect a user’s proximity greet customers to continually engage them through prompts and options.

Modern Functionality
This modern marvel integrates sales and volume information and gives consumers grade selections directly on the screen for greater premium fuel visibility.

Wayne DFS Anthem UX Dark Mode

Dark Mode

User experience is always at the forefront of Wayne designs and that is why the Anthem UX platform comes standard with the Dark Mode feature. At the touch of a button, a consumer can experience high contrast, vivid branding, while reducing night-time strain on the eyes, with the added benefit to the retailer of lower energy consumption.

  • Rich graphic contrast
  • Reduced screen glare
  • Energy savings
  • Looks amazing at night

Wayne DFS Anthem UXTM Platform: Real-World Results

14% increase in total store revenues
14% bump in higher grade fuel sales
36% increase in top tier car wash memberships
51% increase in daily average sales for promotional items
82X more loyalty sign-ups than with pump topper ads along

Why Domino Equipment Company

Partner with Domino Equipment Company for fueling systems, parts and service.

Create fueling customer experiences that turn first impressions into higher-revenue repeat visits.

Low operating costs with high reliability ensures advanced fueling technology from Domino Equipment operates more profitably.

Fueling operations benefit from the speed, flexibility, reliability and predictability enabled by access to the region’s most trusted service provider.