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Wayne Ovation Fuel Dispenser with AX12 Technology

Engaging, Modern, Dependable

Delivering a secure and entertaining fueling experience has never been easier than it is now. The Wayne Ovation® Fuel Dispenser with the AX12 Technology helps keep your site efficient, compliant and secure.

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The Ovation Fuel Dispenser
Ready to Withstand Anything the World Throws at It

The Ovation fuel dispenser is easy to use and just as easy to own... it’s durable and easy to maintain, while integrating flawlessly into your IT and payment systems.

  • E40/B20 UL-listing
  • Industry-leading Wayne iMeter™ fuel meter and Wayne Xflo® fuel meter
  • One-step calibration 
  • World-class security options: Smart Secure Access, Secure Electronic Lock

AX12™ Technology
Advanced Technology That Drives Profit

The AX12™ technology offers state-of-the-art software with simple, lifetime updates, remote feature upgrades, and easy one-stop calibration to grow your business today and in the future.

  • 12” touchscreen display 
  • Wayne iX Pay® 2 Payment Platform 
  • Optional No-Cost Media with DX Promote Auto™ 

Loyal customers start at the pump.

✓ Boost Sales & Profit Margins

✓ Double Your Customizable Promotions

✓ Enhance Customer Experience





Why Domino Equipment Company

Partner with Domino Equipment Company for fueling systems, parts and service.

Higher-revenue repeat visits
Create fueling customer experiences that turn first impressions into higher-revenue repeat visits.
Low operating costs
Low operating costs with high reliability ensures advanced fueling technology from Domino Equipment Company operates more profitably.
Speed, flexibility, reliability and predictability
Fueling operations benefit from the speed, flexibility, reliability and predictability enabled by access to the region’s most trusted service provider.