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Banner QS30EXQ-17527 Emitter

Banner QS30EXQ-17527 Emitter


Emitter by Banner Engineering. QS30 series high-performance long-range sensor. High-powered emitter model QS30EXQ. This model, QS30EXQ-17527, features a range of 213 m, easy two frequency selection, compact housing, and more.

SKU: BAN-E31004
Manufacturer Part Number: 17527
Manufacturer: Banner Engineering

QS30 Series Sensor

Banner QS30 Series high-power opposed-mode sensors are extremely rugged, powerful, and leakproof. They are designed to
withstand the most demanding industrial applications, including high-pressure washdown areas. They are powerful enough to burn
through heavy fog, dust, and most types of industrial and process contamination. 

Banner QS30EXQ-17527 Emitter Features

  • Range: 213 m; Input: 10-30 V dc
  • 5 pin Euro Quick Connector
  • 10-30VDC

Banner QS30EXQ-17527 Emitter Specifications

IP Rating IP69K
Power DC
Sensing Beam Infrared LED
Sensing Mode (General) Opposed
Sensing Mode (Detailed) Emitter
Housing Style Rectangular w/M30 Mount
Primary Housing Material Thermoplastic
Max Sensing Distance (mm) 213000
Power Supply/Supply Voltage 10-30 V dc
Connection Integral QD
Quick Disconnect Type M12
Operation N/A
Min Op. Temp. (°C) -20
Max Op. Temp. (°C) 60
Output response time (ms) 30
Special Feature: Intrinsically Safe No
Special Feature: Remote Teach No
Special Feature: Water Detection No
Sensing Beam Wavelength 875
Delay at Power-up (ms) 100
Repeatability (µs) 5000
Number of Pins 5
Max Op. Relative Humidity [%] 95% @ 50°C
Lens Material Zeonex
Adjustments N/A
Barrel Diameter (mm) 30
Indicator LEDs
Opposed Mode Emitter/Receiver Emitter
Feature: Washdown Rated Yes
Feature: Encapsulated Yes
Feature: Audible No
Feature: Quick Disconnect Yes

Banner QS30EXQ-17527 Emitter Downloads

Banner QS30EXQ-17527 Data Sheet

WORLD-BEAM®QS30 Series Sensor Features

Banner QS30EXQ-17527 Emitter is a WORLD-BEAM® QS30 Sensors which feature:

  •  Infrared beam with high excess gain — range of over 213 m (700 ft)
  • Excellent noise immunity
  • Excellent for applications where high sensing power is required due to long sensing range or contamination on lenses
  • Excellent optical performance throughout the sensing range
  • Easy two frequency selection to help prevent crosstalk
  • Easy-to-read operating status indicators with bargraph display
  • Bipolar discrete outputs, PNP and NPN
  • Light Operate and Dark Operate models available
  • Unique water/debris-shedding lens design reduces lens contamination; lens material survives impact, washdown and cleaning chemicals
  • Encapsulated electronics
  • Compact housing — mounting versatility via popular 30 mm threaded barrel or side-mount

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